The Rules

Rule #1: Each documented day I will wear one DIFFERENT piece of clothing from my closet (basic tees, tanks, and tights not included)
Rule #2: Even if I cannot make a suitable outfit and I hate what I am wearing that day, I will still wear it and then donate/throw out said piece of clothing
Rule #3: I will do this until every piece of clothing in my closet has been worn at least once (not including formal dresses/work pants)
Rule #4: Seasonal items (shorts, bathing suits, rompers) are not included until it can be worn with appropriate weather

Let the games begin!

I’m not one to spend loads of money on designer bags or clothes. I’m a pretty frugal person and you will find that for this project I won’t be wearing a different bag or pair of shoes in every post. I don’t have the closet space or the money to do true “high fashion” so if you’ve stumbled across my blog in search of that, then you’ll probably be disappointed. I’ll also note that even though my bf has a beautiful DSLR camera, I’ve chosen to keep this project simple by just using the camera on my phone. Pardon the wonky lighting and occasional filter.

I do hope that this project inspires you to go through your closet and pull out those pieces that need a little love. Hopefully you’ll save a penny the next time you go shopping and realize that you don’t need ANOTHER top/blazer/skirt. And if all else fails, I think we can all benefit from the occasional closet purging. 


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