Journal: Blog to Watch For and Style Resolution

Journal: Blog to Watch For and Style Resolution

Sorry folks, no outfit post today. I will however quickly note that I’ve been inspired by this wonderful and Canada-grown style blog Style Bee to help with the ongoing revamp of my closet. She has a very sophisticated and minimalistic style (which I love) and has amazing resources and tips on how to tread the sometimes ravenous shopping culture. Although I’ve been pretty good with featuring “old pieces of closet’s past”, I’m now pushed to take things one step further and follow Style Bee’s lead into a 1 month shopping freeze. Since this will be a cold-turkey expenditure (last year I only got through February without a shopping trip) I’ve given myself a little bit of wiggle room and mental preparation by planning this event to start in the month of May. That gives me 9 days to plan and pick up the last few essential pieces before heading into a conscious and intentional shopping cold-turkey.


My favourite resources:
1. 1.0 Fast – A PDF workbook on making it through 30 days of no shopping
2. Shopping Online Like a Boss – Great tips for online shopping without breaking the bank on regrets
3.  Essentials Shop – A page with links to all of Style Bee’s closet essentials (bonus: Canadian friendly!)
4. 10 x 10 Challenge – 10 clothing pieces challenge, great for editing a bloated wardrobe
5. 2.1 Define my Style – Figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t


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