Day #35 – Doting on Doilies

Day #35 – Doting on Doilies

Clothing Object: Maddy Lace zip-back shirt


Rating: 6/10
I was actually seriously considering putting this shirt in the donation bin. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge lace person. This shirt I got at Winners 3 summers ago and have maybe only worn once since. It’s a heavier soft lace which is what drew me to purchasing this top to begin with. I like the raw edges and longer sleeves, however it is a bit big on me fit-wise and can get warm when wearing in the sun and then cold if there’s a breeze. I layered a white bralette underneath and paired it with my VERY beloved medium-wash ripped jeggings from AE to balance the girly with a bit of edge. I was ecstatic about the warmer weather (which in Toronto means there’s no such thing as an intermediate season) and decided to break in my new Steve Madden sandals. I’m still not 100% sold on keeping the top but I do like how it looks here and I feel like there will come a point when my lace shirt will be missed. 

Verdict: Maybe… keep Keep

Note: Most of my posts are pre-scheduled so date or time of events don’t necessarily match up with when the post was published. 

UPDATE: The 3-way Challenge

When I find myself particularly conflicted about whether to keep or toss a clothing item, I challenge myself to match it in 3 different ways. It doesn’t have to be season appropriate, but all 3 have to be outfits I can see myself comfortably walking out of my home in. Since sheer lace is more summer appropriate I went with summer pairings with shorts and overalls. I will admit that I like these outfits and I’ll be keeping my lace shirt for another season of wear.


Also, you may have noticed I am now sporting a finger “cast”. The event itself was summarized in my personal blog (link here) but you’ll be seeing it in the next few posts as it heals. Boo-erns.


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