Day #32 – Zig Zag Blues

Day #32 – Zig Zag Blues

Clothing Object: UO Staring at Stars blue henley sweater

Rating: 7/10
Many apologies involved in this post. Firstly for the ridiculously bad lighting that I’m too lazy to fix. Secondly for my very similar past 3 outfits because I’ve been too busy to come up with more creative outfit combinations. And lastly for the lateness of this post. This sweater is actually less of a sweater and more of a really thin shirt. I got it WAY back in first year university and wore it to the brink of death. As much as I’m trying to be better about letting go of overly worn clothing pieces, I just can’t bring myself to say goodbye. It drapes like a dream and is a thick but airy blend that makes it perfect for the summer. I find myself reaching for this shirt every time the weather dips into warmer temperatures and I know there’ll be a sharply felt emptiness if I let it go. It also happens to be one of the brightest coloured tops in my closet, which is few and far between. I went for an easy-going look going to work today (again) by layering a thin zig-zag top from H&M underneath and by wearing my trusty Roots career woman’s watch in black chrome.

Verdict: Keep 

Note: Yes, I realize Zig Zag Blue is a cigar company. I do not endorse said company but I like the ring of the name.


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