Day #31 – Tiger Cave Waterfall

Day #31 – Tiger Cave Waterfall

Clothing Object: UO Tiger print V-neck tee


Rating: 3/10
A lazy day calls for a very lazy outfit. I went to my go-to ripped jeans, converses, cardigan, tee combo today in a graphic tee that I haven’t worn in YEARS. I can tell you I got it some time in 2008-2009 when UO first opened in Kingston. It’s super thin, so thin in fact that it’s see through in the light grey regions. Because of this it makes this t-shirt awkward when not tucked in (and a bit awkward when tucked in as well). I’m not a huge fan of the deep V, nor the thickness (or lack thereof) or awkward length of this shirt. Since I’m just hopping over to work today it’ll suffice for the project but I’ve already mentally said goodbye to this shirt the second I put it on this morning. Also the cardigan that I’m wearing is one that I can’t even date for purchase. I got it before I started working at GARAGE (2010-2012) and kept it only because it was simple enough to wear to work to meet the “all branded” criteria. It’s so old and too much like my more beloved cream waterfall cardigan from H&M that it’ll likely also end up in the donation bin but I’ll feature it again possibly in one final hurrah. Note: Tiger Cave Waterfall is a real place. Who knew?

Verdict: Donate


Update: Upon further thought I decided that I’ll be donating both the cardigan and the tee. I’ll still wear it to work though, one last time. 


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