Day #30 – Gloom and Doom

Day #30 – Gloom and Doom

Clothing Object: LOFT Olive green waffle sweater


Rating: 9/10
It was super gloomy today so I wore a super neutral outfit to go with the weather. This is the olive version of the sweater I featured in this  post that I bought last year on sale. Here I wore it with my usual collared shirt pairing and shiny black tights. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of layering sleeved button downs under sweaters because 90% of the time I find it too stuffy. I actually have a small collection of chiffon button-down sleeveless tops from H&M that I use for layering under sweaters. They’re handy because they can also be worn in the summer under light cardigans without all the weird sleeve bunching. Also I apologize again for the weird lighting and odd posing (the CLAWW). And now that I’ve said it, that’s all you’re going to see. Heh. 

Verdict: Keep


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