Day #27 – Crochet in Colour

Day #27 – Crochet in Colour

Clothing Object: GARAGE Crochet burgandy cardigan


Rating: 5/10
Sorry guys. You know I’m starting to get lazy when instead of my usual “clothing on bed” picture, you get a selfie. This cardigan is another item left of my GARAGE days (2010-2012) which is precisely the last time I remember wearing it. I love the colour and the crochet is interesting however the sleeves are awkwardly cropped/batwing/loose/tight. I don’t know if this seemingly opposite styling was due to poor craftsmanship or poor design,but either way it’s going into the donation bin to hopefully be loved by someone who appreciates its “unique” qualities. I will admit that it’s just the sort of cardigan you would find at coachella (which is probably the target audience GARAGE was aiming for) but since I’m not much of a music festival type of gal, it has no purpose for me. In spirit of my project I wore it for the last time with a simple black outift and brown accents from Le Chateau and GARAGE.

Verdict: Donate

Note: Most of my posts are pre-scheduled so date or time of events don’t necessarily match up with when the post was published. 


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