Day #26 – From Trash to Treasure

Day #26 – From Trash to Treasure

Clothing Object: H&M Dotted tie-front top


Rating: 9/10
I cheated. This is in fact a blouse I took out of my sister’s to-be-donated pile the other day. It’s a size too big for me (usually I’m a size 2 in H&M and this is a size 4) but I love the loose easy fit and the classic navy and white polka dot pattern which makes it perfect for layering under cardigans. I’m a sucker for polka dots and have already featured one of my favourite navy polka dot dresses in a previous post. Since this was originally my sister’s purchase I can’t tell you how old it is or how often it was worn. However, I’m already in love and am looking forward to wearing it now that the weather is getting warmer (sort of). Here I paired it with my H&M draped cardigan and brown accents from GARAGE and Spring. 

Verdict: Reclaimed  

Note: Most of my posts are pre-scheduled so date or time of events don’t necessarily match up with when the post was published. 


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