Day #25 – Seeing Green

Day #25 – Seeing Green

Clothing Object: GARAGE Teal boyfriend cardigan


Rating: 2/10
You can tell I’m running out of clothing to feature when I have a double header of donates. This is a cardigan I got while (surprise… not) working at GARAGE (2010-2012). I love the colour but the cardigan itself is thin, super stretched out, and wrinkled in weird places. I tried to change things up and pulled out my beige pants to wear on the bottom only to realize how weirdly it folded and stretched in places as well. I’ll have to rethink keeping the pants but I’ll give it another ponder before it heads into the donate bin. As for the cardigan, it seriously has to go. But again, for the sake of my project I gave it one last hurrah before tossing it away. Good riddance. 

Verdict: Donate


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