Day #22 – Draped to Perfection

Day #22 – Draped to Perfection

Clothing Object: ZARA front-tie blouse


Rating: 8/10
So much to do, so little time. I’m sorry for the late post. I snapped this shot right before heading out for brunch today before work. I honestly can’t tell you how old this blouse is. I don’t remember if I got it before university or during my undergrad years. In any case this blouse is probably anywhere between 4-8 years old. I was happy to take it out of my hall closet for the first time in YEARS and find that it still drapes as nicely as I remembered. I know I used to roll up the sleeves to make them less billowy but now enjoy the non-rolled styling. I paired it with my fun new hat from H&M (it was the last one so I had to get the SA to take it off the mannequin) and more luxe accessories from MK and COACH. 

Verdict: Keep


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