Day #21 – Jungle Remix

Day #21 – Jungle Remix

Clothing Object: GARAGE Leopard print sweater


Rating: 8/10
I was 99% sure this was going to end up in the donation bin. I put it on and voila, it still fit like a glove and was as comfy as ever. I haven’t worn this sweater since my Garage days (2010-2012) and now I’m sad I missed out on all the fun outfit opportunities to be had. I matched this sweater with the green babaton pants you’re all probably getting sick of, and my GAP yellow leather purse (now 25% off with GAPSAVE – in CANADA) which you are ALSO all probably getting sick of. Since these were taken after I got home from work I apologize for the poor lighting and difficulty seeing the green in the pants (also my pants need to be shrunk in the dryer to get rid of those weird jutting folds). As you can see, I’m determined to fend off the cold weather by wearing flats and hoping my toes don’t freeze off. Ignorance is bliss my dear friends. 

Verdict: Dammit… keep


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