Day #20 – Pot of Gold

Day #20 – Pot of Gold

Clothing Object: Aritzia Babaton Green pants


Rating: 10/10
It’s a belated St. Patty’s Day post today featuring my going out outfit for the night. I didn’t go full-on green this year and instead picked out green accents to compliment my outfit. I’m happy to be venturing into my more regularly rotated wardrobe with my beloved green babaton pants that I picked up from Aritzia last year. They’re super comfortable and doubles as formal wear if I ever need something interview or conference appropriate. I believe they are supposed to be cropped but because of my tiny stature they hit me right below the ankles. I added a statement necklace from Ardene (3 for $15) to add a little more green to my understated outfit. I’m big on costume jewellery to spice up outfits and am not adverse to saving a penny in stores like Ardene where if you look hard enough you can find pretty amazing necklaces at a fraction of the cost.  

Verdict: Keep

In the donation bin today:


Ill fitting heels and clubbing wear galore!

Note: Today is my 20th post. Again thank you to all the encouraging likes and comments! Considering my bad habit of losing interest in things quickly, I’m surprised and grateful that I made it here. I unfortunately must announce today that I will likely be slowing down my posts to possibly once every two days to give myself some breathing room. As you can see my prescheduling has finally caught up to me and as much as I would love to be perceived as living a fashionably busy and eventful life, sometimes I just kick back at home in my jammies and lard on my days off. I hope y’all understand and I look forward to interacting with you in my future posts to come. Much love – Patricia


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