Day #19 – The Lazy Day Sweater

Day #19 – The Lazy Day Sweater

Clothing Object: H&M Divided Tan sweater


Rating: 8/10
When I first bought this sweater 2 years ago I was in love.  It draped well without being too bulky and had a flattering high-low cut. This sweater has been worn almost to oblivion since, and that’s even with the addition of a striped white and black version that I bought the following year after. Today was a lazy outfit for me with the combination of my trusty basics plus the fun addition of my new GAP bag that I talked about briefly in a previous post. Again, I count this as not cheating since I haven’t yet featured it in my blog. Unfortunately I’ll have to get more creative soon if I’m going to keep up with my pretty much daily posts and the dwindling amount of decent clothing items left. I’ve already donated 4 bags worth of clothing. Three bags to my local clothing drive and one to H&M to receive their $5 coupon card for every bag donated. It’s helping the environment through clothing recycling AND I can buy more H&M clothing at a sale price. Win-win.

Verdict: Keep 

Note: All of my posts are pre-scheduled so date or time of events don’t necessarily match up with when the post was published. 


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