Day #18 – A Thrifty Hippie

Day #18 – A Thrifty Hippie

Clothing Object: F21 Paisley print hippie dress


Rating: 6/10
This outfit is a combination of multiple items that have been tucked away for years. I got this dress from F21 three summers ago and haven’t worn it since. It’s a nice print in a light drapey material that was perfect for wearing about in the summer. Combining it with my trusty purple cardigan and heeled laced boots (over 5+ years old) from Winners allows this dress to smoothly transition from winter to spring. This bag is one my sister originally owned and that I acquired in a bag swap we did many years ago. It fills my brown bag void but is scuffed and has a bit of an odd accordion shape. I plan on purchasing a nice quality classic brown bag in the coming weeks to replace this relic from bad bag decisions past. Stay tuned. 

Verdict: Keep

Note: All of my posts are pre-scheduled so date or time of events don’t necessarily match up with when the post was published. 


2 thoughts on “Day #18 – A Thrifty Hippie

  1. love this! i actually love this bag – it’s very hipster and cool ,3
    instagram: the_ch1ara

    1. Thanks! It’s pretty beaten up actually and I can’t even tell you how old it is. I’ll definitely contemplate keeping it once I get my new brown bag. No promises though ;)

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