Day #17 – The Gentlemen’s Club

Day #17 – The Gentlemen’s Club

Clothing Object: UO BDG Tweed Blazer

PhotoGrid_1426471984026Rating: 4/10
I didn’t have time to snap photos in the morning so I’m doing this right before going out for quick drinks with a friend which unfortunately really deteriorates the picture quality. This is a blazer that I was originally 100% set on donating without even trying out but in the end decided to give one last hurrah in a last ditch effort to grasp at some sort of value in the purchase. I bought this in my 2nd year of university (2008-2009) on sale at UO. This is one of those examples where I bought a blazer knowing it didn’t fit me properly but because it was on such a great sale, I caved. I remember I did wear it a few times by rolling up the sleeves but they were so tight it eventually started cutting off my circulation. I wore it here unrolled and with a simple white shirt, statement necklace from the LOFT, and really old boyfriend jeans from GARAGE. It’s a fun outfit but really does make me look shorter than I am even with the added height of the heels. Nice try, A for effort. 

Verdict: Donate


This is a better view of the fit of the blazer. It’s cut to be more boxy in a menswear sort of way and very long. It’s also a bit big in the shoulder region. Something that could be fixed with slight alterations but not worth the time or money. I took this picture thinking I would just feature it in my “in the donation bin” segment but I’m always a sucker for second chances.

Note: All of my posts are pre-scheduled so date or time of events don’t necessarily match up with when the post was published. 


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