Day #14 – From Day to Night

Day #14 – From Day to Night

Clothing object: the LOFT waffle sweater (cream)


Rating: 8/10
Even though these are pieces I rotate pretty regularly through my closet I’m technically not cheating, so bear with me (heh). Dressing up for shows in Toronto’s deep freeze is hard. I went more semi-casual for the Once musical Saturday night showing (note: this post is pre-scheduled) and since I was commuting from my home uptown to down-town, I had to make sure I was warm enough to face the bitter cold. This is my day-to-night look where I used my LOFT sweater (that I actually have in 3 different colours) to layer over my newly-ish purchased Aritzia dress. I used a great tip from a blog I’m now following ( to tuck away my leftover belt length. Since I was coming off a week of night shifts at the hospital please excuse the bags under my eyes that no amount of make-up could cover. Also I would have worn cute pumps over my black stockings if I wasn’t trekking through snow, but alas. 

Verdict: duh, keep


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