Day #11 – April Showers bring May Flowers

Day #11 – April Showers bring May Flowers

Clothing Object: Jacob High-low black sweater and UO Chiffon floral dress


Rating: 5/10
I’m counting down the days until May because winter has well overstayed its welcome. This is another double header post where I’m featuring 2 clothing articles in a simpler winter look. I apologize for the wonky lighting in my pictures. My phone camera’s white balance didn’t want to cooperate with me today. This Jacob sweater I bought just as the high-low trend started more than 5+ years ago. It’s too high at the front and oversized to wear with simple basics underneath however it’s perfect for layering over flow-y dresses. This UO dress I remember I got on sale almost a decade ago. It’s a bit big for me so I mostly use it as a layering piece under sweaters. Both of these items I haven’t worn in quite some time so it’s nice that I can appreciate them again. I think that’s the last of my UO dress collection from university past shopping sprees. Now onto the next “brand”!

Verdict: Keep


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