Day #9 – Speckled Roman

Day #9 – Speckled Roman

Clothing Object: UO Speckled sweater

PhotoGrid_1425506983895Rating: 5/10
This UO sweater I got on sale a couple years ago and haven’t worn since. It fits well and is super comfortable. I remember debating the purchase originally because I realized that I already had a closet full of dark toned clothing. Even though I do like the outfit I was able to put together, I think it’ll probably end up in the donation bin. Here I paired it with green babaton pants and red colour accents. This is Sephora’s Made in Italy cream lip stain. It’s super pigmented and perfect for brightening up darker outfits. It also doesn’t dry out your lips like other lipsticks and stains on the market. I’ll wear this sweater around today while running errands before work to see if I change my mind on the decision. Considering this will be the first time I’ve worn it out, it’s unlikely.

Verdict: Donate


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