Day #7 – Pick of the Crop

Day #7 – Pick of the Crop

Clothing Object: H&M Cropped navy sweater and GARAGE Lace tank top


Rating: 8/10
So this outfit proves why this project is so much fun. It’s a double whammy post today with two items that have sat dormant in my closet for at least a year. This tank top I got at Garage back in my retail working days and always had a love/hate relationship with. It has a great design but is slightly shorter than I would have liked to layer under normal sweaters and very sheer. I’m not bold enough to wear my sheer tops with cute bralettes so having this cropped sweater provides a perfect cover-up while still showcasing the beautiful pattern of the tank. This is also one of very few crop tops I allowed myself to buy when the trend exploded on the streets over the last 2 years. It’s the perfect fit and has great texture and thickness to it which I love.

Verdict: Keep

Note: Since I’ve been snapping these shots just before heading out the door every day I’ve been really slacking on my accessories game. I’ll try to remember to include my bags, watches, etc in the shots in the future. Also all of my verdicts thus far have been variations of “keep”. I think this is because once my options to feature from my closet start getting smaller I’ll be more hard-pressed to put together appealing outfits. I’m sure those “donate” verdicts will come soon. 


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