Day #5 – Lumberjack’s Anonymous

Day #5 – Lumberjack’s Anonymous

Clothing Object: GARAGE Plaid button down


Rating: 7/10
This plaid shirt has gone from my closet, to my sister’s closet, and then back to mine again in the span of 7+ years. I think a plaid shirt is something of a staple in every girl’s closet. Although I wish this shirt was a slightly longer fit, it’s served its purpose well over the past almost decade of use. I’m glad I got to resurrect it again after keeping it tucked away in my closet this past winter. Also note that the sun was REALLY bright when I was taking these photos so I apologize for the slightly poorer quality of the pics (although let’s be real – I’m using my phone, what do you expect). I’m also trying out new lip colours. This is a mix of the benefit’s cha cha tint in mango and NARS cruella lip satin. 

Verdict: Keep


One thought on “Day #5 – Lumberjack’s Anonymous

  1. love this! nars cruella is one of my all time faves faves <3
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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