Day #2 – Dreaming of the Savanna

Day #2 – Dreaming of the Savanna

Clothing Object: F21 Elephant T-shirt


Rating: 6/10
It’s winter in Toronto and feeling like -20degC (note: original post on Feb26) so my wardrobe will be a remix of my unoriginal “cardigan, circle scarf, cabin socks” combo for the next few days. I bought this tee a couple of summers back on a spur of the moment F21 online spree. The only downside is that it’s pretty thin (too thin to just wear without a silk tank underneath). I really should pick up my print tees more often to layer under my plethora of cardigans. This white cardigan is actually one I haven’t worn in about a year but it’s not the focus piece today so I’ll be featuring it later on when I start to run out of ideas and decent clothing to feature. This project has successfully gotten rid of 2 pieces of clothing. Now a million more pieces to go! 

Verdict: Keep 

Update: After wearing this outfit around the mall I realized that my cardigan had to go. RIP white cardigan.


2 thoughts on “Day #2 – Dreaming of the Savanna

  1. Hey, thanks for commenting! After walking through the mall I realized that the cardigan was pretty itchy and uncomfortable. It’s actually pretty old (probably about 5 years old) and the material was starting to pill although you can’t see it in the pictures.

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