Forever21: Delivery Day!

Forever21: Delivery Day!

Oh so elated. This is why I love F21’s quick shipping. Received my very large box of forever 21 items today via purolator (I was home this time and didn’t have to trek out to the middle of nowhere warehouse-ville) and excitedly opened it and tried my purchases on. In the end out of the 11 items purchased (yeah I went a little crazy), I want to return 3. Sadly 2 of the 3 were the ones that I featured in my previous post. Just goes to show what a pretty picture can do for me.

The red bag was way too large (thought it would be more clutch-sized), the skirt in xs was sadly still too large. It billowed outwards in the back awkwardly and kind of made me look like I was wearing a bag. Cute, but if the skirt was made out of 10% less fabric I would have loved it a whole lot more. And lastly the bag. It was a shame because I was truly looking forward to this piece. When I got it however, I realized that the turquoise pictured here is much lighter than how it ended up appearing on the bag. Very much a dark turquoise similar to the herbal essence trademark turquoise. So these 3 lovelies will be shipped back to f21 and hopefully be promptly refunded.

Oh I would also like to highlight my new absolute loves though:

feathered headband//lace shorts//studded shoulder bag//sandals

These will definitely be regulars in my spring/summer wardrobe. I especially love the feathered headband. I’m suddenly very thankful that I haven’t dyed my hair since grade 5. Oh and I guess it’s pretty obvious, I’m not a huge fan of non-neutral colours.  Although for the record, I didn’t return the other items because I didn’t like the fact they were coloured pieces. I swear.


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