ASOS vs. Zellers?

ASOS vs. Zellers?

Yes that’s right. I was off to Zellers to pick up my meds from the pharmacy. In between the noticebly young looking pharmacist preparing my drugs I decided to browse the jewelery and bags section of the store. Although my mom has worked at Zellers for over 20 years (she has a gold broach to prove it), I’ve never actually took time to browse the contents of the superstore. I actually did end up buying a few trinkets (rings are my kryptonite) but along the journey I found a very curious bag.

ASOS: $15

See I was actually planning on purchasing this ASOS bag online but at the last second I withdrew and settled on a more rustic brown leather sling on. I however, later discovered a similar knock-off of the bag in the isles of Zellers going for $20 (which considering shipping, is cheaper in the long run by comparison). I did try it on and the gold strap of the Zellers version screamed “sprayed-on” but in terms of size I realized that the petite 5″1 me would not suit such a large, bold looking bag. I guess Lauren Conrad’s version was smaller or in fact she is a giant in comparison to me, but I’m quite happy I didn’t end up buying the bag in the end. I would like to bite the bullet and get the original Chanel bag it was clearly modeled after, but I have neither the budget nor the appropriate university audience to do so justifiably (I’m in science where the uniform is basically sweats and Queen’s sweaters). In any case, if you aren’t as vertically-challenged and wanted this style bag and didn’t want the hassle of credit cards and shipping, you could just head over to your nearest Zellers where a very very close and cheaper cousin is waiting for you.


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