Forever21: Online Frenzy

Forever21: Online Frenzy

I’ve been bedridden by an unsuspecting ulcer I was diagnosed with this morning.  I somehow have to give up my caffeine addiction and spicy foods regime for awhile and be hopelessly in pain (because I also can’t take painkillers) until I can get my prescription meds tomorrow. So to curb my depression for a day of exam studying wasted, I browsed the beloved fashiontoast blog for style inspiration and went on a little bit of an online shopping escapade on the website. My final total, a whomping $1,167.47CAN. So now we know. If I’m let loose with an unlimited budget, there’s some serious damage to be had.

I’m currently taking off all of the “not totally necessary” items and seeing what the damage comes out to. I would, however, like to highlight some items that at the moment are prime “must have” items from forever21.

Ok so obviously not together in one outfit but so far these 3 things are to DIE for. I may just whip up a shopping cart tonight and have it ordered and delivered tomorrow.  Let’s see if I can get this under 3 digits…

edit// damn my materialistic nature. I now have a shipment of $200 worth of merch AND I’m already waiting for another delivery of 2 bras I ordered from frackkk.


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