Urban Outfitters: SalesSalesSales

Urban Outfitters: SalesSalesSales

2 reasons why i shouldn’t be allowed within a 10 meter radius of Urban Outfitters in Kingston

1. the CRAZY sales

tee: $28.00 9.99 // faux leather jacket: $144.00 59.99

2. the over-the-top expensive regularly priced clothing

summer dress: $ 58.00

For the record though, the summer dress fits amazingly well considering I’m the size of a slightly taller midget. It’s very difficult buying dresses because most of them come too long on me. As for the two sale items they were amazing finds. There were actually a bunch of tees on sale for $9.99 including a very cute grey “where the wild things are” tee but I refrained myself. The benefits of having a warehouse-sized UO in small town Kingston is you get all the crazy sales, and all within your size range. The leather jacket is in xs and was the last one there. I actually went back not once, but 2 times contemplating if $60 was worth it. In the end I went online and read up on the reviews where it’s still going for $144 CAN only to realize that I was crazy for not getting it at the $60 sale. it’s a little snug but not in an unflattering way. Just stylistically it seems to be worn a size up but I don’t mind it for the price. At last my leather jacket that I’ve been craving for all winter. I’ve already returned 2 faux leather jackets after spontaneously buying them in stores and realizing upon going home that they weren’t my style (usually it’s my sister’s “wow you look ghetto” comments that get me). Alas I’m hoping for the best.


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