Journal: Blog to Watch For and Style Resolution

Journal: Blog to Watch For and Style Resolution

Sorry folks, no outfit post today. I will however quickly note that I’ve been inspired by this wonderful and Canada-grown style blog Style Bee to help with the ongoing revamp of my closet. She has a very sophisticated and minimalistic style (which I love) and has amazing resources and tips on how to tread the sometimes ravenous shopping culture. Although I’ve been pretty good with featuring “old pieces of closet’s past”, I’m now pushed to take things one step further and follow Style Bee’s lead into a 1 month shopping freeze. Since this will be a cold-turkey expenditure (last year I only got through February without a shopping trip) I’ve given myself a little bit of wiggle room and mental preparation by planning this event to start in the month of May. That gives me 9 days to plan and pick up the last few essential pieces before heading into a conscious and intentional shopping cold-turkey.


My favourite resources:
1. 1.0 Fast – A PDF workbook on making it through 30 days of no shopping
2. Shopping Online Like a Boss – Great tips for online shopping without breaking the bank on regrets
3.  Essentials Shop – A page with links to all of Style Bee’s closet essentials (bonus: Canadian friendly!)
4. 10 x 10 Challenge – 10 clothing pieces challenge, great for editing a bloated wardrobe
5. 2.1 Define my Style – Figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t

Day #35 – Doting on Doilies

Day #35 – Doting on Doilies

Clothing Object: Maddy Lace zip-back shirt


Rating: 6/10
I was actually seriously considering putting this shirt in the donation bin. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge lace person. This shirt I got at Winners 3 summers ago and have maybe only worn once since. It’s a heavier soft lace which is what drew me to purchasing this top to begin with. I like the raw edges and longer sleeves, however it is a bit big on me fit-wise and can get warm when wearing in the sun and then cold if there’s a breeze. I layered a white bralette underneath and paired it with my VERY beloved medium-wash ripped jeggings from AE to balance the girly with a bit of edge. I was ecstatic about the warmer weather (which in Toronto means there’s no such thing as an intermediate season) and decided to break in my new Steve Madden sandals. I’m still not 100% sold on keeping the top but I do like how it looks here and I feel like there will come a point when my lace shirt will be missed. 

Verdict: Maybe… keep Keep

Note: Most of my posts are pre-scheduled so date or time of events don’t necessarily match up with when the post was published. 

UPDATE: The 3-way Challenge

When I find myself particularly conflicted about whether to keep or toss a clothing item, I challenge myself to match it in 3 different ways. It doesn’t have to be season appropriate, but all 3 have to be outfits I can see myself comfortably walking out of my home in. Since sheer lace is more summer appropriate I went with summer pairings with shorts and overalls. I will admit that I like these outfits and I’ll be keeping my lace shirt for another season of wear.


Also, you may have noticed I am now sporting a finger “cast”. The event itself was summarized in my personal blog (link here) but you’ll be seeing it in the next few posts as it heals. Boo-erns.

Day #34 – Checkmate

Day #34 – Checkmate

Clothing Object: UNIQLO Purple cardigan


Rating: 7/10
So this outfit went from being a “going out to do errands” outfit to a “going to the hospital” (and not for work) one. In a turn of events, my sister had to get emergency surgery to extract her burst appendix. She’s fortunately doing well and I can put that night behind me. I think it was fortunate, in a sense, that I decided to wear something comfortable for that day considering how much waiting around emergency situations involve. I bought this cardigan last summer on a quick trip to NYC with a good friend. He’s a huge advocate of all things UNIQLO and ended up spending hundreds of dollars on pants and button downs. I bought 1 chambray shirt and this cardigan you see here. Heh. I do like this cardigan. At the time, I was on the hunt for a coloured cardigan to brighten up my otherwise monotone outfits. Unfortunately this purple was the brightest thing they carried and I came back to Toronto only to realize I own 2 other purple cardigans. I will keep it though because it’s exceptionally comfortable and light. I paired it with my layering staple checkered button-down chiffon top from H&M also seen in this post.

Verdict: Keep

Note: Most of my posts are pre-scheduled so date or time of events don’t necessarily match up with when the post was published. 

Day #33 – Pruning the Garden

Day #33 – Pruning the Garden

Clothing Object: LOFT Grey Floral cut-out sleeve sweater


Rating: 8/10
I apologize for the lack of creativity lately as I dip into my more recent closet purchases. This is a sweater I bought last spring on sale at LOFT and somehow forgot about. It’s a thinner material and I liked the unique floral cut-outs on the shoulders that weren’t overwhelming. It’s definitely more of a spring/summer sweater and I love that it has an easygoing feel to it. Here I decided to match it with my newly purchase J. Crew brown leather belt (on sale: here) and brown accessories/shoes. Also noted that I did end up ironing my sweater before leaving for small group for the night but I forgot to take post-ironing photos. 

Verdict: Keep

So I’m a bit OCD when it comes to note-taking and list-making. I find that when projects start to lose their initial momentum, organization and planning is the key to keeping things alive. If you’ve ever been curious as to how I decide what to feature on my blog from my closet, here is your answer:

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

 I have a top-only purchasing problem

Note: Most of my posts are pre-scheduled so date or time of events don’t necessarily match up with when the post was published. 

Obsessed: Block Heeled Sandals

Obsessed: Block Heeled Sandals

This year’s spring/summer is all about strapped sandals. Since I have tiny size 5 feet it’s almost impossible for me to find sandals outside of the children’s section. However determined to grow up from my TOMS and flip-flops this year, I went on the hunt for “grown-up”, comfortable sandals.

Here are my 3 personal favourites:

1. Talbots Peggy Gold-Heeled Sandal

I recently managed to snag this shoe in Macadamia on an online sale at Talbots. I got it for just under $80 + tax and shipping. Unfortunately I got dinged hard by customs (boo Canada shipping) to make it even out to about the price that it was originally retailing for. Talbots after this sale managed to bring in more sizes of all of their colours but they brought up the price with it. They’re super comfortable and the heel is almost negligible, giving it that little boost my petite height greatly appreciates. I wanted to get another pair in the darker Pecan but I wasn’t willing to spend the customs fee again at full price. In Canadian stores you can pick up sizes of this wonderful sandal starting at 6.5, much to my dismay.


2. Steve Madden Dence Sandal

I picked up this sandal last week at the mall. I got lucky and managed to walk into the ONE Steve Madden in Toronto that still carried size 5.5 in the Cognac brown and black (it’s their display model). I tried on both and was honestly tempted to bring them both home. I opted for the Cognac brown though to complete my sandal collection (Nude, brown, black). It’s definitely not as comfortable as the Talbots sandal (no cushioning) but it’s more on point with the recent sandal trend. It’s also cheaper retailing at $70CA. 


3. M. Gemi The Poetica

This one is for all you US readers (sorry my beloved fellow Canadians). I was crushed when I found out that this newly launched authentic italian shoe company M. Gemi doesn’t ship to Canada. They have amazing quality shoes at fractions of the cost. It’s still a little pricey at $178USD but I’ve heard rave reviews on the comfort and quality that make it worth the extra penny. This one I was drooling over when it was first released. It’s currently sold out in the brown and nude colours but you can sign up for the waiting lists. Or you can try your luck at the black and hopefully they have your size.



4. M. Gemi The Vero

Again for my US readers. This sandal was recently released so you’re more likely to grab your size. It has a much higher heel than the beloved Poetica but it’s still a great alternative for the semi-casual nights out. Not so much my kind of shoe because my boyfriend and I are known to traverse the city on foot from border to border during the summer, but good if you’re not a huge walker to begin with.


What’s your favourite? If you ordered yourself a pair let me know how they fit!

Day #32 – Zig Zag Blues

Day #32 – Zig Zag Blues

Clothing Object: UO Staring at Stars blue henley sweater

Rating: 7/10
Many apologies involved in this post. Firstly for the ridiculously bad lighting that I’m too lazy to fix. Secondly for my very similar past 3 outfits because I’ve been too busy to come up with more creative outfit combinations. And lastly for the lateness of this post. This sweater is actually less of a sweater and more of a really thin shirt. I got it WAY back in first year university and wore it to the brink of death. As much as I’m trying to be better about letting go of overly worn clothing pieces, I just can’t bring myself to say goodbye. It drapes like a dream and is a thick but airy blend that makes it perfect for the summer. I find myself reaching for this shirt every time the weather dips into warmer temperatures and I know there’ll be a sharply felt emptiness if I let it go. It also happens to be one of the brightest coloured tops in my closet, which is few and far between. I went for an easy-going look going to work today (again) by layering a thin zig-zag top from H&M underneath and by wearing my trusty Roots career woman’s watch in black chrome.

Verdict: Keep 

Note: Yes, I realize Zig Zag Blue is a cigar company. I do not endorse said company but I like the ring of the name.

Day #31 – Tiger Cave Waterfall

Day #31 – Tiger Cave Waterfall

Clothing Object: UO Tiger print V-neck tee


Rating: 3/10
A lazy day calls for a very lazy outfit. I went to my go-to ripped jeans, converses, cardigan, tee combo today in a graphic tee that I haven’t worn in YEARS. I can tell you I got it some time in 2008-2009 when UO first opened in Kingston. It’s super thin, so thin in fact that it’s see through in the light grey regions. Because of this it makes this t-shirt awkward when not tucked in (and a bit awkward when tucked in as well). I’m not a huge fan of the deep V, nor the thickness (or lack thereof) or awkward length of this shirt. Since I’m just hopping over to work today it’ll suffice for the project but I’ve already mentally said goodbye to this shirt the second I put it on this morning. Also the cardigan that I’m wearing is one that I can’t even date for purchase. I got it before I started working at GARAGE (2010-2012) and kept it only because it was simple enough to wear to work to meet the “all branded” criteria. It’s so old and too much like my more beloved cream waterfall cardigan from H&M that it’ll likely also end up in the donation bin but I’ll feature it again possibly in one final hurrah. Note: Tiger Cave Waterfall is a real place. Who knew?

Verdict: Donate


Update: Upon further thought I decided that I’ll be donating both the cardigan and the tee. I’ll still wear it to work though, one last time.